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I’m Seán, a 53-year-old Flushing, Queens-based technologist who specializes in developing, supporting, and maintaining websites built in Drupal. 

I am an avid photographer and an all-around geek.

About 15 years ago, I started using my name (seanreiser) as my handle everywhere, so if you followed a seanreiser on another platform, odds on it was me. In an earlier life, I used the handle nibbler.

Here’s a list of random facts about me:


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@hauntedhideaway This just popped up on my LinkedIn feed and I thought about what you were saying last night...

I think I finally hit the breaking point with the library for my personal library of ripped DVDs and Blu-rays. I’ve stored my ripped TV and movies in an iTunes / AppleTV library for over 20 years and stream my media to an AppleTV device hooked to the tv.

I have an old computer on the shelf collecting dust which can be repurposed as a server. Amu thoughts?

4/n so at precisely 12:12:37 I started the shutter on my camera and let it shoot at 20 frames per second for ten seconds. I captured 12 images of the Space Station during the 0.64 seconds it took to cross the sun. I then put away all my equipment & drove home. I’ve just looked at the pics & am quite pleased! Here’s a composite image. There’s a lot of detail visible on both the ISS and on our closest star. I’d call this a good result… #astronomy #sun #NewZealand

Good Day!Happy Monday everybody! I’m hoping we’re all embracing out creativity for the new week. Today I present…
Triboro Bridge at Sunset

Hello World! Happy Sunday!

I was ill the last couple of days. I wasn’t on the last half of Friday and yesterday

Since I’m playing catchup today, I present….


And another annoyance you can't use the hashtag even if you're posting a cautionary tale.

If I were a less honest person, I'd have my way to get rich:

1) Post a Job Ad on LinkedIn
2) Reach out to applicants on LI's messaging.
3) Ask the applicant fir their DOB, Location, and last 4 of their SSN
4) Reverse engineer the full SSN from that data
5) Sell that identity on the dark web
6) Profit

If I'm really lazy I'll automate it with a shell script.

(was just asked for that info in a char on LinkedIn before I was told the client name)

The Mooring - photo captured at sunrise on the north shore Long Island, NY. I was struck by the boat mooring tied to the rocks against that lovely morning sky. Would make a lovely gift this Valentine's Day for someone you love. From my seascapes and beach collection.
#AYearForArt #ArtMatters #art #MastoArt #beach #longisland #sunrise #love #BuyArtNotCandy

i once had this happy accident taking pictures with my phone. i don't remember what i was trying to do, only that i was fiddling with settings when the train pulled in. somehow this happened.

#queens #nyc #photography #architecture #subway

This is a #BristleconePine in #California and these are some of the longest living things on earth. The #oldest bristlecone (not this one) is estimated to be over 4800 years old! #Amazing

#Photography #LandscapePhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography #PhotoOfTheDay #Tree #PineTree #Pine

For #FensterFreitag a photo from insdie the Municipal House in Prague. It's an art nouveau gem right in the heart by Old Town. I took this photo in 2010. #Nikon #photography #Windows

Hi, hello! 👋🏾 I'm new here and excited to meet some new people who love #gaming as much as I do! I'm a PC Gamer who prefers the following game genres:


Anything that involves crafting or building.

I"m excited to be here, and I hope I form some lasting connections!

This is my own personal photo of the year 2022
After all the problems I had last week I never imagined I would still be alive to capture this rainbow. I deliberately made sure my shadow was in the image to give a sense of scale #rainbow #landscapephotography #Landscape #yorkshire #NorthYorkshire #northyorksmoors #photography #PhotoOfTheDay #photoof2022

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