If I were a less honest person, I'd have my way to get rich:

1) Post a Job Ad on LinkedIn
2) Reach out to applicants on LI's messaging.
3) Ask the applicant fir their DOB, Location, and last 4 of their SSN
4) Reverse engineer the full SSN from that data
5) Sell that identity on the dark web
6) Profit

If I'm really lazy I'll automate it with a shell script.

(was just asked for that info in a char on LinkedIn before I was told the client name)

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@seanreiser Worth noting that in 2011, the SSA stopped issuing based on geography, but since those folks are still kids, it's going to take a long time to have a real impact:

@rolls20s Good Info, I'll update the blog post. (I haven't been in the game in 20 years, I sleep better and am less paranoid as a web developer).

The other thing I should add is that even if all parties are sincere email isn't secure, and I don't believe LinkedIn's messaging platform in end to end .

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